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Seating Chrysler
Boot space
Chrysler Interior

Chrysler Grand Voyager

Minimum Hire                                                                   £220.00

Hourly Rate (4 hours minimum)                                                 £55.00

Daily Rate (4hrs minimum)                                                     £400.00

Excess Mileage                                                      £1.50 per mile


Flexibility and comfort. Smaller and more compact, electric sliding doors give excellent access to the interior. Dual rear DVD player and wireless head sets aid that family harmony on long rides.


Great for:

- Family trips

- Airport transfers

- Sightseeing


Passenger capacity: 6 people

Luggage capacity: 6-7 large suitcases

Wifi: Yes


Power: 191Ps and 360Nm Torque 
Refinement: Full leather reclining seats, rear entertainment 
Economy: co2=207 g/km
Hybrid: No 


Features of this car

Passengers- Up to 6 people

Suitcases- Up to 7 large

Beverages- Cool water always provided

WIFI- Can connect laptops and mobile devices

Magazines and Newspapers- latest issues avaiable

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