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Phantom Drop Head Top Down
Rolls Royce Bespoke Diamond
Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom 

Minimum Hire                                                                    £780.00

Hourly rate                                                                         £195.00

Daily Rate                                                                         £1500.00

Excess Milage                                                         £3.00 per mile

Ultra luxury saloon which is unsurpassed in terms of comfort, velvet smooth ride and exquisite interior finish and an unparalleled exquisite interior finish. For presence and style, it doesn't get much better - perhaps the best chauffeur car in the world. 

A serene combination of old world grace and world class engineering. Perfect for your big occasions and special treats, weddings, sightseeing and tours, theatre, shopping and red carpet events.


Great for:

- Weddings

- Sightseeing

- Special occasion events


Passenger capacity- 2-3 people

Luggage capacity- 3-4 large suitcases

Wifi: Yes



Rolls Royce Phantom Specification
Power: 453Ps and 720Nm Torque 
Refinement: Ultra luxury 
Economy: co2=347 g/km 
Hybrid: No 


This vehicle is strictly subject to availability.

Key Features of our Rolls Royce Phantom

Passengers- Up to 3 people

Suitcases- Up to 4 large

Beverages- Cool water always provided

WIFI- Can connect laptops and mobile devices

Magazines and Newspapers- latest issues avaiable

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