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Rolls Royce Ghost

Minimum Hire                                                             £540.00

Hourly Rate (4hours minimum)                                            £135.00

Daily Rate (8 hour day)                                                   £1000.00

Excess Milage                                                 £3.00 per mile


Ultra luxury saloon which is unsurpassed in terms of comfort, velvet smooth ride and exquisite interior finish unparalleled. For presence and style, it doesn't get much better - perhaps the best chauffeur car in the world. 

A serene combination of old world grace and world class engineering. 


Great for:


-Red carpet events


-Sightseeing tours

-Special occasions


Passenger Capacity- 2-3 

Luggage Capacity- 3-4 medium suitcases
Wifi: Yes


Power: 453Ps and 720Nm Torque
Refinement: Ultra luxury 
Economy: co2=347 g/km 
Hybrid: No 


This vehicle is strictly subject to availability.

Key features of our Rolls Royce Ghost

Passengers- Up to 3 people

Suitcases- Up to 4 medium

Beverages- Cool water always provided

WIFI- Can connect laptops and mobile devices

Magazines and Newspapers- latest issues avaiable

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